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Eating Out

Eating OutI travel fairly regularly for work and get to eat in new places (not all good, don’t get jealous) and I love taking pictures of food. In fact I got my camera primarily for food pictures, as that was what was engaging my almost addictive interest at the time – specifically, the Food Porn group on Flickr. I enjoy food – cooking and sampling.

My good friend TB and I had a mission to try all the restaurants (within our price range) in Port of Spain while we were both working there. Or actually, any restaurant we could meet at. And we had had this idea that we should formally review these esteemed establishments but we were always so busy we never actually did it. We wanted a website and fun reviews based on our important elements – such as availablility of vegetarian options and atmosphere. I don’t imagine this is going to be what we had envisaged, but at least I will have pictures (and some review) of places and foods where I have eaten. And maybe TB will do some guest spots…or we can use her much advanced web design skills and my new-found interest in food photography to finally do a proper review!


Rik’s Pizza

Doubles at Piarco

Battimamzelle Restaurant, Coblentz Inn [Boutique Hotel]

Rasam Restaurant, Grand Bazaar, and again

Hanami – Sushi at Movietowne, Port of Spain


Champers on the Wall, Accra Beach

Brown Sugar, Aquatic Gap, St Michael

Il Tempio, Fitts Village, St James

Sitar, Holetown, St James

Asian Palm Thai and Chinese, Holetown, St James


Fish Cake at Torarica Hotel in Paramaribo

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  1. you need to update barbados, etc

    1. Lilandra on March 6th, 2007 at 12:40 am

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