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While I was in California…

While I was on vacation, my bandwidth was exceeded. Thanks people! I mean that. Clearly my visitors exceed my expectations and my brief forays into the world of social media and marketing have had some effect I shall have some upgrading to do… I’ll have a few photos to post soon, but here’s one from […]

Lessons I’ve Learned Recently…

Photos should be transferred from your memory card to your computer  more often than every 7 weeks… Photos should be at least transferred before you reach 220 shots… Earth crust displacement theory is the best device ever for a screenwriter who needs the earth to move to suit the bare threads of a plot…or just […]

Trini Halwah Recipe

This is generally regarded as a traditional Muslim dish for the Trini and Guyanese communities of Indian descent. When I came to Guyana, I learned that people traditionally made this for the birth of a child – I found this out when my landlady, not Muslim herself but having grown up in a close village […]


Cocoa Sticks Originally uploaded by Chennette I have been wanting to post about cocoa for a few weeks now, to report on the various cocoas I have been trying – in the rolled and not-so-processed form – from T&T, Grenada, St Lucia and Guyana. But not like this. As I was reading through the Guyana […]

Caribbean Cuisine Online

In the 2 years since I started Lifespan of a Chennette (my 2nd anniversary was on July 8th!), I have encountered only a few Caribbean food blogs, but many more over the last few months. I hope there are going to be even more in the future, so that “Caribbean” food on the internet won’t […]

Hops Bread!!

I made whole wheat hops bread from Mom’s recipe, posted by Lilandra with modifications for whole wheat provided by Mom over the phone. Mom and Lilandra also made up a batch of wholewheat, so I expect Lilandra will has posted the adjusted recipe and her own pictures very soon. Hops is a traditional Trini bread, […]