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Turkey: Finally, the Food

I don’t know if I have any readers left who believe that I was ever going to post about the food in Turkey. After all, it’s been almost a month since I went to Turkey and I haven’t posted yet. Sure, I’ve made promises, here, here and here. But still, no post. Instead, you got […]

Turkey: Touristing in Antalya

While I didn’t get to tour the natural features of Antalya, I did make a couple short trips into the city and into the old bazaar areas. If you want a feel for the ancient in this part of this world venture into these winding cobbled and narrow streets, lined on either side by small […]

Turkey: Impressions and Antalya

My visit to Turkey was relatively impromptu. I was notified less than 2 weeks before departure and didn’t have time to research and prepare or even think about what I would like to experience and see in this exotic country. This planning is always important when heading out on a work-related trip – the meetings […]

Turkey: Getting There

I have been back from Turkey since Tuesday night or so (didn’t get back to Guyana until Wednesday Thursday morning). When I set off on this trek, I knew I’d be blogging about it, despite it being a work trip. After all, I’d never been that far from the Caribbean and the idea of Turkey […]