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Ode to the Bread Van*, and the goodies therein

I tasted something in Guyana last week which brought back childhood memories of Trinidad. It was unexpected – they called it “bun” or “coconut bun” and I cannot remember if I’d seen it before in a bakery in Guyana. I may have, but then “bun” as a small, unprepossessing yellowish thing would have taken me […]

Overheard on a Plane

On a flight from Guyana to Trinidad last week, the passenger behind me seems to be in possession of exciting new technology. Pilot: Good afternoon from the flight deck. We are just awaiting air traffic control clearance and should be taxiing off in about 5 minutes, so we are on schedule to arrive on time […]

Last minute surge for Divali

Well, a couple days ago my blog stats suddenly spiked. It’s not Eid (Eid ul Fitr was a few weeks ago, and we have some time before Eid ul Adha). As usual, even if I didn’t know, the almost single-minded focus of the searches would clue me in. Yes, it’s Divali, the Hindu Festival of […]

Sawine Rules (Eid Recipe)

My mother has Sawine Rules. They are not very many, but she is very firm about them. Other people don’t follow these rules and their sawine is doomed. Doomed? you ask. Yes, doomed. Destined to spoil quickly, for the milk to “split” or sour, for it to be too gloopy to be Trini sawine, but […]

Ramadan Mubarak! And an Interview

I have just completed the first fast of Ramadan this year. I had my worries about focusing properly on this month, and trying to maximise the benefits so that it’s not just about avoiding food and drink for the day. But apparently having Ramadan starting Friday night is a good thing – I have all […]

Let’s talk BBQ

Whether you like to spell it Barbecue, Barbeque, BBQ, Bar-B-Q or Bar-B-Que, this is apparently the time for dealing with fire and coals and grills. For our more northern neighbours in the hemisphere, it’s because of that season called summer. For us in the tropics, where we don’t get too much variation in our temperatures, […]

T&T Mango Festival

For anyone who’s in T&T on Monday Saturday 15th August 2009, there’s the first ever Trinidad and Tobago Mango Festival being held at the IICA office, 10 Austin Street, St. Augustine from 9.00 a.m.- 6.00 p.m. The event is hosted by the Caribbean Network of Rural Women Producers and supported by IICA. More information available […]

I think this post is mostly filler

One day I’ll get back to posting regularly. Maybe that day will be in Ramadan (the month of fasting) which starts some time next month. After all, it’s a good time to reminisce and also feed all the hungry searchers and googlers looking for iftar foods likealoo pie and baigani, and barfi recipes and what it’s like to […]

Trini Kurma, Musings and Recipe

One might not think that kurma*, that ubiquitous, crunchy and sugary fried “Indian Delicacy”** would raise any confusion in the minds of the average Trini. Kurma is the thin crunchy sticks right? Sold in all supermarkets and parlours? And there’s a fat kurma that’s called gulab jamoon? right? Not quite. There are 2 types of […]

Caribbean Cuisine on UKTV

“Celebrity Chef, writer and restaurateur Gary Rhodes recently spent time in Trinidad and Tobago filming segments for a Caribbean cuisine programme. The series will feature cooking and recipes from ten Caribbean countries including Jamaica, Grenada, and Trinidad, Tobago, St Lucia and Barbados and the series will be broadcast on UKTV… …Rhodes and his crew explored […]