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Gran Couva – Cocoa and La Vega

Gran Couva is internationally known for one thing (at least) – Trinitario cocoa. Gran Couva is part of the Montserrat hills in the Central Range of Trinidad, where the combination of the trinitario cacao, the weather, the soil (the things the French collectively call “terroir“) converge to make some of the finest cocoa in the […]

Caroni Bird Sanctuary, Trinidad

The Caroni Bird Sanctuary is an official wildlife reserve in Trinidad and Tobago and is part of what is more commonly called the Caroni Swamp. The swamp is a relatively large wetland in the west of the island of Trinidad, roughly between Port of Spain and Chaguanas. There may be some who might believe that […]

Sweet Hands: Island Cooking and a Stew Beef recipe

Sweet Hands: Island Cooking from Trinidad and Tobago has become a new classic for Trini cooking, alongside the old faithful, the Naparima cookbook. It is now in its second edition (first published in 2005, this edition 2010), testament to its popularity. I am not entirely a newcomer to this book – years ago I sent […]

Touring the Homeland: Trinidad

So, in case you are a new reader to this blog, I am a Trini – I come from Trinidad and Tobago, and specifically, born and raised on the island of Trinidad. Trinidad is the most southern island of the Caribbean, right off the coast of South America. Being that close to the continent we […]

Halaal Trini Black Cake? (recipe)

A few months ago I got a request for a Halaal Trini Black Cake recipe. Those of you familiar with the permutations of the traditional Caribbean Christmas black cake (whether you call it black cake or great cake) will know that this cake is generally viewed as inextricable from its alcohol content. In fact, a […]

Photo Walking – The Savannah

I recently participated in a photo walk in the vicinity of the Queen’s Park Savannah in Trinidad. For those who may not be familiar with the term, Wikipedia defines it – “Photowalking is the act of walking with a camera for the main purpose of taking pictures of things that the photographer may find interesting.” […]

Sunday Lunch Coucou (with a recipe)

I am home* for a couple weeks – vacation, then to vote.** So, taking advantage of being at home with Mom (who did the beef and beans), I present to you our Sunday Lunch today! Cornmeal Coucou, stew beef and red beans! Sunday lunch is a big thing in the Caribbean. It’s the time to […]

Café Au Lait, a (Trini) novel by Liane Spicer

As with most things not related to my work, I am very late on posting about Café Au Lait by Liane Spicer, an author and blogger from T&T who is also a reader of this blog. Aka_lol reviewed the novel  a year and a half ago for example. Liane, I apologise… But I can rectify […]

Copyright, Blogging and the Media

This is a post that is long overdue. Very long. Georgia Popplewell of Caribbean Free Radio posted today (with the absolutely perfect title “photos don’t take themselves“) about two Trinidad and Tobago publications using one of her photos, without permission and of course without credit (Newsday even placed their watermark on the photo!). TriniGourmet, with her usual […]

Trini Bakery Goodies – the Photos

You may recall that in my recent post, Ode to the Bread Van, I rambled on, reminiscing about all the goodies that were to be had from Trini bakeries and bread vans. With nary a picture to illustrate. Especially unfortunate for those who may not have known some of the goodies I mentioned. This post […]