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Hops Bread with Cheese Paste

I have been trying to make my own bread more regularly, because the local bread in Guyana tends to be on the sweet side, and soft, never crusty. My mother’s hops bread recipe (posted here by Lilandra and previously blogged by me) hits the spot always, and uses no oil or shortening, yet is fluffy […]

Coucou Pie (Recipe)

You may recall that coucou has appeared on this blog before. Back then, this traditional Trini (and Bajan) cornmeal dish appeared as part of a Sunday lunch with red beans and stew chicken. Coucou is generally regarded as a bit labour intensive, similar to polenta, requiring one to stir cornmeal into hot liquid etc constantly […]

Tea on the Mount

I visited Mount Saint Benedict, and more particularly had tea at Pax Guesthouse  in December 2010. This is part of that tour of Trinidad I was conducting with friends of mine from the US…clearly I never got around to completing the account! “Mount Saint Benedict, or the Abbey of Our Lady of Exile, is a Benedictine […]

The Emperor Valley Zoo

The Emperor Valley Zoo in Trinidad is managed by the Zoological Society of Trinidad and Tobago, which has been around since 1947. The Zoo itself was opened in November 1952, which means it is in 60th year of operation, in its lovely location opposite the Savannah. From the website: “The Emperor Valley Zoo (EVZ) is […]

Coconut Sweet Rice, An Experiment

Now regular readers of this blog (which may be an extinct species since I have only posted a couple times a year recently)… One-time regular readers of this blog would recognise that while I speak about my food experiences and specific dishes, I am not consistent recipe writer. So, please accept this disclaimer. For Eid […]

Fresh Carite!

“FRESH CAAAAAREEET, FRY-DRY, CRO-CRO, BIG BIG SHRIMP!!!” Does that sound familiar? One of the benefits of living on an island is the availability of fresh fish. In Trinidad and Tobago, even if you live 10 minutes from the coast and a fish market, the fresh fish will come to you, straight from the sea. Fish […]

Asa Wright Nature Centre

I started these posts about Trinidad and Tobago back in January, and although I haven’t continued since February, there are still a few more places to visit from my must-see list for Trinidad and Tobago! Asa Wright Nature Centre is in the Northern Range in Trinidad, in the North-East-ish area of the island (it’s not […]

How do you like your Hops?

So, how do you like your hops? And no, this has nothing to do with beer…you do remember whose blog you’re visiting right? I know I haven’t posted in ages (despite the flurry of activity in January) but still, this is me, Chennette, the island-hopping Muslim, from Trinidad and Tobago! In case you don’t remember […]

Language Problems

I’ve written before about the language difference and communication issues as a Trini living in Guyana, even though the two countries are so close and share alot of common history. That was a difference of fast food lingo, but today I tried to give instructions over the phone, to essentially make bake. And I don’t […]

Visiting Trinidad and Tobago – links

Since I am still posting on some of my recent visits to lovely destinations in Trinidad, I thought I’d share some helpful links if you’re planning a trip to T&T, or better yet touring the country you live in! The Official Travel and Tourism site – marketing T&T as “the True Caribbean” is not actually […]