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Overheard on a Plane

On a flight from Guyana to Trinidad last week, the passenger behind me seems to be in possession of exciting new technology. Pilot: Good afternoon from the flight deck. We are just awaiting air traffic control clearance and should be taxiing off in about 5 minutes, so we are on schedule to arrive on time […]

Ten Days…

It’s been an eternity for those trapped in rubble, those who lost their lives and homes and family, those trying to survive among dead bodies, without food, water or shelter and still, terrifyingly waiting for aftershocks. It’s been so hard to watch the coverage and read the news. Self-indulgent of course to react like that […]

Things to do in Grenada

Courtesy this job, I have been to Grenada quite a few times in the last few years. It’s generally just to Grand Anse, and usually not enough to time to do more than the hotel (cue sigh about the supposed glamour of a job-with-travel). Due to the number of visits, however, I do have a […]

Ramadan Mubarak! And an Interview

I have just completed the first fast of Ramadan this year. I had my worries about focusing properly on this month, and trying to maximise the benefits so that it’s not just about avoiding food and drink for the day. But apparently having Ramadan starting Friday night is a good thing – I have all […]

T&T Mango Festival

For anyone who’s in T&T on Monday Saturday 15th August 2009, there’s the first ever Trinidad and Tobago Mango Festival being held at the IICA office, 10 Austin Street, St. Augustine from 9.00 a.m.- 6.00 p.m. The event is hosted by the Caribbean Network of Rural Women Producers and supported by IICA. More information available […]

Caribbean Cuisine on UKTV

“Celebrity Chef, writer and restaurateur Gary Rhodes recently spent time in Trinidad and Tobago filming segments for a Caribbean cuisine programme. The series will feature cooking and recipes from ten Caribbean countries including Jamaica, Grenada, and Trinidad, Tobago, St Lucia and Barbados and the series will be broadcast on UKTV… …Rhodes and his crew explored […]

Hajj Photos in progress

Slowly but surely we’re going through the photos we managed to take during the Hajj. Except for the food ones. During the actual days of Hajj we weren’t really focusing on taking pictures of ourselves or other people, or sneaking cameras into the Masjid-al-Haram. It just didn’t seem to be right to pay attention to […]

Of Pilgrimage, Hujaaj and Luggage

  First View of the Kaabah Originally uploaded by Chennette The family returned from the Hajj on the 29th of December 2008. Last year That was on Monday and today is Friday. But we arrived with the usual Hajji cough, cold, flu, allergies, tiredness from 3 days of travel, good cheer from the completion of […]

The Ramadan Business Traveler

I haven’t posted for Ramadan yet, but Lilandra has been more than making up for this – she’s been assiduously recording the Suhrs and Iftars and the general progression of the month in the family home in Trinidad and Tobago, with some forays to our village mosque. Pictures and everything. The course of my Ramadan […]

Help – Trini Cuisine in Brampton?

Hello folks. I know I have readers in Canada. I am in Brampton right now…I haven’t been in Canada since 1996 and I am here only for a few days for a wedding. I have a couple American friends, attending the same wedding, who haven’t had dhalpouri or doubles while in Edinburgh. So, since we’re […]