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Cheese Sticks, revisited

Just thought I’d post about my revisiting my Late Night Cheese Sticks recipe (otherwise known as Cheese Straws). I made them again this weekend and I really liked the way they turned out – although alot of that was not entirely intentional! I used both shredded cheddar and parmesan – the cheddar incorporated into the […]

Za’atar, Sumac and a Recipe

One of the memorable successes of my Eid menu (and yes I am still talking about Eid ul Fitr, although in the intervening period since…there has already been another Eid, Eid ul Adha) is finally making my own za’atar.  Za’atar (zahtar, Arabic ????)* is a Middle Eastern spice mix, that like any other spice “mix” […]

Last minute surge for Divali

Well, a couple days ago my blog stats suddenly spiked. It’s not Eid (Eid ul Fitr was a few weeks ago, and we have some time before Eid ul Adha). As usual, even if I didn’t know, the almost single-minded focus of the searches would clue me in. Yes, it’s Divali, the Hindu Festival of […]

Falafel Recipe

Falafels are that ubiquitous Middle Eastern item – savoury, crunchy, fried balls of beany-goodness. Some may say falafels are Israeli, there may be other countries laying claim to the source of these delicious vegetarian protein-packed treats, but I am no food historian, so I won’t get into the debate. You can check out Wikipedia. Falafels […]

Sawine Rules (Eid Recipe)

My mother has Sawine Rules. They are not very many, but she is very firm about them. Other people don’t follow these rules and their sawine is doomed. Doomed? you ask. Yes, doomed. Destined to spoil quickly, for the milk to “split” or sour, for it to be too gloopy to be Trini sawine, but […]

Trini Kurma, Musings and Recipe

One might not think that kurma*, that ubiquitous, crunchy and sugary fried “Indian Delicacy”** would raise any confusion in the minds of the average Trini. Kurma is the thin crunchy sticks right? Sold in all supermarkets and parlours? And there’s a fat kurma that’s called gulab jamoon? right? Not quite. There are 2 types of […]

Cheese Rolls (with other things) Recipe

This is a recipe for something I have made for many many years without a recipe. But tonight I decided to measure the amounts. Yes, tonight is ‘Id ul Fitr. And no, while this is a family favourite, it is not a traditional Eid recipe. But I needed to cook something. To feel like Eid […]

Aloo Pie (with Cucumber Chutney) Recipe

Aloo pie is another of those street foods in Trinidad and Tobago. It may not be sold by every doubles man, but where you see a doubles man with backup (a van or extra people with lots of coolers) he may well be selling some additional goodies, like aloo pie. It’s construction makes it another […]

Making Pumpkin Pie

Lilandra has created a maelstrom of baking madness at home in Trinidad. It’s hard not to get caught up in it. She’s been baking so much that if anyone touches flour in the kitchen she tries to claim it’s their baking so she can lighten her resume, as it were. Even if she was involved, […]

Trini Halwah Recipe

This is generally regarded as a traditional Muslim dish for the Trini and Guyanese communities of Indian descent. When I came to Guyana, I learned that people traditionally made this for the birth of a child – I found this out when my landlady, not Muslim herself but having grown up in a close village […]