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Hops Bread with Cheese Paste

I have been trying to make my own bread more regularly, because the local bread in Guyana tends to be on the sweet side, and soft, never crusty. My mother’s hops bread recipe (posted here by Lilandra and previously blogged by me) hits the spot always, and uses no oil or shortening, yet is fluffy […]

Coucou Pie (Recipe)

You may recall that coucou has appeared on this blog before. Back then, this traditional Trini (and Bajan) cornmeal dish appeared as part of a Sunday lunch with red beans and stew chicken. Coucou is generally regarded as a bit labour intensive, similar to polenta, requiring one to stir cornmeal into hot liquid etc constantly […]

Coconut Sweet Rice, An Experiment

Now regular readers of this blog (which may be an extinct species since I have only posted a couple times a year recently)… One-time regular readers of this blog would recognise that while I speak about my food experiences and specific dishes, I am not consistent recipe writer. So, please accept this disclaimer. For Eid […]

Sweet Hands: Island Cooking and a Stew Beef recipe

Sweet Hands: Island Cooking from Trinidad and Tobago has become a new classic for Trini cooking, alongside the old faithful, the Naparima cookbook. It is now in its second edition (first published in 2005, this edition 2010), testament to its popularity. I am not entirely a newcomer to this book – years ago I sent […]

Pizza Cheese Rolls

Nothing to do with Christmas – just a tasty variation on my Cheese Rolls recipe. I had to make some kid-friendly food this weekend as my sister’s under-5 posse was sleeping over. They like my cheese rolls (as long as they can’t detect any onions or pimento pepper in it) and they like pizza (cheese […]

Halaal Trini Black Cake? (recipe)

A few months ago I got a request for a Halaal Trini Black Cake recipe. Those of you familiar with the permutations of the traditional Caribbean Christmas black cake (whether you call it black cake or great cake) will know that this cake is generally viewed as inextricable from its alcohol content. In fact, a […]

Ramadan Chocolate Cake Recipe

My sister and I have been baking this month. And no, not Lilandra, who is the usual family baker-of-sweet-treats. Sister-the-elder and I in Guyana have been planning every couple days, calling each other at night or during work to discuss what special treat we’re going to make to break fast. So we’ve made aloo pies […]

Black Eye Peas Googni (Boil and Fry) Recipe

Since the blackeye peas featured heavily in my last post, I thought perhaps I should post the ‘recipe’ for this simple and popular Ramadan dish (well, popular in Trinidad, would love to hear if others know about it). When I called it googni on Facebook last week, I got a couple queries about the name, […]

Eggless Brownies (a recipe in progress)

I wanted brownies today. Seemed the perfect thing to want during the excitement of World Cup. (Not really, I mean, I am enjoying the Group of 16, but it’s more like the “excitement” of trying to wrap up some work stuff that made me want chocolate). I don’t usually bake unless accompanied by a sibling […]

Sunday Lunch Coucou (with a recipe)

I am home* for a couple weeks – vacation, then to vote.** So, taking advantage of being at home with Mom (who did the beef and beans), I present to you our Sunday Lunch today! Cornmeal Coucou, stew beef and red beans! Sunday lunch is a big thing in the Caribbean. It’s the time to […]