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Celebrating ‘Id ul Fitr

It’s a bit later than I intended, but given a choice between restfully enjoying Eid at home in Trinidad and using precious hours and the family bandwidth to blog…I chose the celebration But we took pictures, so there would always be time to blog at our leisure. Lilandra beat me to it anyway. Darned work. […]

‘Id Mubarak!

Lilandra and Chennette are tired. But we had a good day preparing for ‘Id ul Fitr. Which is today. Happy Eid!! We made things with sugar. And spices. And even a special dinner for the true beginning of any ‘Id day, which starts at sunset. It is a Sunnah (practice of the Prophet) to break […]

Coming this Eid ul Fitr…One Sweet to Rule Them All

Which shall it be? Gulab Jamoon, Sawine, Barfi, Nankathai, Halwa, Maleeda…cake and cookies…ice cream…currants rolls, sweetbread, basboosa, baklava…what are you making? what are you looking forward to enjoying at Muslim homes this Eid? Have a list? Have you bought ingredients, started mixing, setting aside insect-free zones for storage? What’s on your Eid sweet menu this […]

Baigani Recipe

Here again I post another recipe involving baigan (eggplant, aubergine, melongene etc), even though, to be honest, baigan isn’t actually something I love. I don’t think I am unique in this attitude to baigan, my culinary blogger friend Cynthia talked about that in a recent post and column. I love apparently, many recipes using baigan. […]

Kibbe Recipe

This is one of the Syrian dishes that our family grew up with, courtesy Mom and her father. We generally make it for certain occasions, such as ‘Id, or when some family member who hasn’t had it in a while returns home. While it may be common food in parts of the Middle East, because […]

Coconut Sweetbread Recipe

Trini sweetbread is usually a great thing. Coconut, spices and a slightly crumbly texture. Mmm. That’s what it’s about. However, that doesn’t stop people from making hard, dry, flavourless things and calling it sweetbread. I don’t mind if you put raisins, or cherries or mixed peel in it – to each his own. But put […]

Belated Eid Mubarak

It’s been a week and I never got around to posting for Eid ul Fitr. But while I made sweets and was more active in the days leading up to Eid, I spent Eid and about 2 or 3 days after that, sleeping. Followed by some nights of insomnia. Fun stuff. Apparently this is normal […]

My Ramadhan so far…

I wanted to post about Ramadhan – it’s been a year since I had my camera, I thought this time I would get even better pictures of Iftar meals. And just as a way of feeling connected to what I am doing. My Ramadhan didn’t get off to the best start, however, with a 13 […]

sprinkles on barfi

sprinkles Milk barfi R and I made for Eid ul Fitr with the essential ingredient of SPRINKLES… Coloured sugar sprinkled on the barfi – when we were young, we once convinced our mother to let us put as many sprinkles as we wanted on the barfi (they were the best part). That year, the top […]


falafel I made real falafel today! Tasted almost like the ones I used to get at the Edinburgh Central Mosque – ground chickpeas and lentils, seasoned with fresh green herbs and garlic, and fried – so good and crispy. My first attempt at food placement on a plate for photos.