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Tastes Like Home – Book Signing

A little over two years ago, I’d announced that Cynthia Nelson, Caribbean food writer, photographer and fellow foodblogger had completed her book Tastes Like Home. While the book didn’t make it to stores back then, it was released recently, published by Ian Randle publishers and is now available for purchase online and in stores in […]

Sweet Hands: Island Cooking and a Stew Beef recipe

Sweet Hands: Island Cooking from Trinidad and Tobago has become a new classic for Trini cooking, alongside the old faithful, the Naparima cookbook. It is now in its second edition (first published in 2005, this edition 2010), testament to its popularity. I am not entirely a newcomer to this book – years ago I sent […]

Caribbean Vegan: a WINNER!

Hello People. We have a winner. Courtesy the lovely List Randomizer at random.org, Natalie, of Cinnamon Bums and the lover of “kabocha squash with a miso-tahini sauce over brown rice” is the lucky winner of a copy of Caribbean Vegan. I’ll be emailing you Natalie to get your mailing info for the publishers, but Congratulations! Everyone […]

Caribbean Vegan: a GIVEAWAY

COMMENTS TEMPORARILY CLOSED UNTIL I ANNOUNCE THE WINNER LATER TODAY! “Caribbean Vegan: Meat-Free, Egg-Free, Dairy-Free – Authentic Island Cuisine for Every Occasion” If reading food-related blog and websites is part of your regular routine then you should already know by now about veganism and how it differs from vegetarianism. From wikipedia: “Veganism is a philosophy […]

Café Au Lait, a (Trini) novel by Liane Spicer

As with most things not related to my work, I am very late on posting about Café Au Lait by Liane Spicer, an author and blogger from T&T who is also a reader of this blog. Aka_lol reviewed the novel  a year and a half ago for example. Liane, I apologise… But I can rectify […]

Copyright, Blogging and the Media

This is a post that is long overdue. Very long. Georgia Popplewell of Caribbean Free Radio posted today (with the absolutely perfect title “photos don’t take themselves“) about two Trinidad and Tobago publications using one of her photos, without permission and of course without credit (Newsday even placed their watermark on the photo!). TriniGourmet, with her usual […]

Ratio, by Michael Ruhlman

Lilandra and I finally got around to buying (and reading) some books that have  been in my wishlist..then shopping cart…for aeons. One of them (which she bought for me), is Ratio by Michael Ruhlman. I’ve been following his blog for a while – in addition to being an good read (including the comments), the photos by […]

Caribbean Beat in May

I have said before that I like the Caribbean Beat magazine. As a frequent traveler in the region, it’s a regular read. Sometimes it’s the only magazine I have time to read as I refuse to do work on a plane, where for a few brief moments, the world outside the plane cannot get in […]