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Making Pumpkin Pie

Lilandra has created a maelstrom of baking madness at home in Trinidad. It’s hard not to get caught up in it. She’s been baking so much that if anyone touches flour in the kitchen she tries to claim it’s their baking so she can lighten her resume, as it were. Even if she was involved, […]

Caribbean Fruits

It’s time for some fruits again. Granted, not all of these are necessarily in season right this minute, like my previous post, but think of this as some more general information on fruits in the region. You never know when you might need this kind of information. Buying fruits in the Caribbean can be a […]

Tasting on the Run – Taste T&T 2008

Last weekend was the main event of Taste T&T 2008, a 4 year old culinary event in Trinidad and Tobago, showcasing the best of our chefs, and the greatness of our local foods. Throw in a world class designer and plenty entertainment, and you’ve got the stage for a crowd-pleasing festival. With no parking this […]


I have decided that this am trying to decide which shot of Mom’s lentils should will be submitted for this month’s CLICK: Beans n’ Lentils. I greatly appreciate the comments and votes here and on my Flickr, but since I have only a few hours, and Bee herself is rushing me 😉 here it is! […]

Pommerac, Pommerac, CLICK CLICK CLICK

It’s been a while since I’ve submitted a photo to Jai and Bee for their monthly food photography event CLICK, but as usual for the few times I have, it’s just on the deadline. Today. The theme for the month of April (which ends today, I know) is Au Naturel! And, my entry…the lovely POMMERAC, […]

Making Dhal, Trini-style

I’ve been thinking about posting on dhal for a long time now, but Cynthia (of Tastes Like Home) did a dhal post last year, called Dal, Dhal, Dahl together with her column. Since she’s Guyanese, I find it strange that she left out the “Dholl” spelling that so captures the rounded vowel and emphasis of her […]

Trini Cheese Paste Recipe

It’s a bit odd to me that I am posting a recipe for cheese paste, because if it’s one food item in the Trini repertoire that should be entirely freeform in its construction, it’s this ubiquitous sandwich spread. But I made it recently and I thought, why not? It’s more than just a sandwich spread really. […]

Click: LIQUID COMFORT (Trini Home Chocolate)

I am coming close to missing this deadline of Click. I knew the minute the theme was announced what my Liquid Comfort was going to be. Hot Chocolate. But not just any chocolate, but Trini home chocolate, made from home grown cocoa, mixed with cinnamon, nutmeg and bay leaf. This was a regular weekend morning […]

Cooking from the Blogosphere

I clearly have not been a prolific blogger so far for 2008, but I have stuck to my intention to cook more, read more food blogs and where possible combine the two activities. This all became easier once I settled into my new apartment and more convenient spaces. I suppose it has helped that my travel […]

Turkey: Finally, the Food

I don’t know if I have any readers left who believe that I was ever going to post about the food in Turkey. After all, it’s been almost a month since I went to Turkey and I haven’t posted yet. Sure, I’ve made promises, here, here and here. But still, no post. Instead, you got […]