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The Noble Sea Cow – Manatees in Guyana

Since we’re on the subject of Guyana, maybe you remember when I posted about touristing in Georgetown, I mentioned that I’d been told there were manatees in the National Park, but I hadn’t actually gone to see them. Well, that hasn’t changed. I have, however, now seen the herd of manatees in the Botanical Gardens […]

Sunday Lunch Coucou (with a recipe)

I am home* for a couple weeks – vacation, then to vote.** So, taking advantage of being at home with Mom (who did the beef and beans), I present to you our Sunday Lunch today! Cornmeal Coucou, stew beef and red beans! Sunday lunch is a big thing in the Caribbean. It’s the time to […]

Copyright, Blogging and the Media

This is a post that is long overdue. Very long. Georgia Popplewell of Caribbean Free Radio posted today (with the absolutely perfect title “photos don’t take themselves“) about two Trinidad and Tobago publications using one of her photos, without permission and of course without credit (Newsday even placed their watermark on the photo!). TriniGourmet, with her usual […]

Trini Bakery Goodies – the Photos

You may recall that in my recent post, Ode to the Bread Van, I rambled on, reminiscing about all the goodies that were to be had from Trini bakeries and bread vans. With nary a picture to illustrate. Especially unfortunate for those who may not have known some of the goodies I mentioned. This post […]

Touristing in Georgetown, Guyana

I have been living in Georgetown for almost 5 years now* and I have never really blogged about the city…I think that it is perhaps somewhat normal to take your immediate surroundings for granted. When I travel say, to Grenada for a business trip, I have limited distractions to take me away from pointing my […]

Kaieteur, in the Pakaraimas

If it is one thing you should try to do when you visit Guyana, it is visit the Kaieteur Falls. Deep in the interior of Guyana, amid the Pakaraima Mountains, the reddish-brown clear water of the Potaro River falls a staggering 741 feet straight down. Among the highest of the world’s single drop waterfalls, it […]

Last minute surge for Divali

Well, a couple days ago my blog stats suddenly spiked. It’s not Eid (Eid ul Fitr was a few weeks ago, and we have some time before Eid ul Adha). As usual, even if I didn’t know, the almost single-minded focus of the searches would clue me in. Yes, it’s Divali, the Hindu Festival of […]

Falafel Recipe

Falafels are that ubiquitous Middle Eastern item – savoury, crunchy, fried balls of beany-goodness. Some may say falafels are Israeli, there may be other countries laying claim to the source of these delicious vegetarian protein-packed treats, but I am no food historian, so I won’t get into the debate. You can check out Wikipedia. Falafels […]

Let’s talk BBQ

Whether you like to spell it Barbecue, Barbeque, BBQ, Bar-B-Q or Bar-B-Que, this is apparently the time for dealing with fire and coals and grills. For our more northern neighbours in the hemisphere, it’s because of that season called summer. For us in the tropics, where we don’t get too much variation in our temperatures, […]

Hajj Photos in progress

Slowly but surely we’re going through the photos we managed to take during the Hajj. Except for the food ones. During the actual days of Hajj we weren’t really focusing on taking pictures of ourselves or other people, or sneaking cameras into the Masjid-al-Haram. It just didn’t seem to be right to pay attention to […]