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For all you know, I may really be a Rock Star!

So, Ewe did this really interesting meme a week or so ago, and she was hilarious. Plus, being you know, really deep, and artistic 😀 She had to be, to have survived 2 bands and a solo career in the music biz. I tried it right away, but since I couldn’t find Paint in the […]

Chennette’s Fantastic Four (a meme)

Trig tagged me for this meme and I thought it was a nice (easy) way to resume blogging after my (somewhat extended) vacation. Now, I believe the point and title of this meme is 4 answers to each question, so I shall try to meet the requirements…wherever possible. 4 JOBS I HAVE HAD IN MY […]

8 Things About Me

Eight Things About Me. Yes, I have been tagged. What do I write? Ewe gave me no hints. Argh. I’m a lawyer, I need instructions!! Sigh. Well, I’ve revealed various food-related facts about myself before, so let’s make this not about food… 1. I cannot ride a bike. Yes, it’s true. My learning to ride […]

6 Weird (Food) Facts About Me

I was tagged. So, without further ado…and with no knowledge of the consequences…here are 6 Weird Food Facts About Me: 1. I can’t stand poultry and cheese. Love chicken, sometimes turkey, and love cheese, but cannot eat them together. I think it’s grounded in a dish Lilandra and I made many many years ago, when […]