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Coming this Eid ul Fitr…One Sweet to Rule Them All

Which shall it be? Gulab Jamoon, Sawine, Barfi, Nankathai, Halwa, Maleeda…cake and cookies…ice cream…currants rolls, sweetbread, basboosa, baklava…what are you making? what are you looking forward to enjoying at Muslim homes this Eid? Have a list? Have you bought ingredients, started mixing, setting aside insect-free zones for storage? What’s on your Eid sweet menu this […]

Baigani Recipe

Here again I post another recipe involving baigan (eggplant, aubergine, melongene etc), even though, to be honest, baigan isn’t actually something I love. I don’t think I am unique in this attitude to baigan, my culinary blogger friend Cynthia talked about that in a recent post and column. I love apparently, many recipes using baigan. […]


More than a week ago, Ewe gave me a Nice Matters Award and said some blush-inducing things about me Yay. My first little blogging button to display. Isn’t it pretty? This is a good award to be the first, because I do believe Nice Matters. Being nice to people doesn’t take that much effort and […]

Edinburgh, a visit home

Edinburgh, my home for a year, was my first port of call. I arrived after about 26 hours of traveling on 3 planes and 1 train. Not counting starting the trip from Guyana the day before. I always travel from these long trips out of Trinidad, which is still my homebase. If only I’d taken […]

Chennette’s Fantastic Four (a meme)

Trig tagged me for this meme and I thought it was a nice (easy) way to resume blogging after my (somewhat extended) vacation. Now, I believe the point and title of this meme is 4 answers to each question, so I shall try to meet the requirements…wherever possible. 4 JOBS I HAVE HAD IN MY […]


It’s now been a year since I first started this blog. I know, I know, the archives say it goes back to September 2005, but it doesn’t really. This blog came into existence on July 8 2006. A year ago today, Lilandra created my account at WordPress, after months of harrassing me and telling me […]

8 Things About Me

Eight Things About Me. Yes, I have been tagged. What do I write? Ewe gave me no hints. Argh. I’m a lawyer, I need instructions!! Sigh. Well, I’ve revealed various food-related facts about myself before, so let’s make this not about food… 1. I cannot ride a bike. Yes, it’s true. My learning to ride […]

Cameras en route!

For anyone who was following the whole Nikon/Canon debate and the agony that Lilandra and I still had to endure, even after we finally settled on the D50/D80…the first order not going through in the US, the D50 that had to be returned to Cave Shepherd and the wutless tourist out there who bought my […]

The Middle Eastern Connection

Regular readers of my blog may have noticed the prevalence of Indo-Trini foods. And may have deduced accurately that I come from the Indo-Trini community. But the truth is, many of these so-called “Indian” foods are pretty much commonly made and eaten throughout Trinidad and Tobago regardless of family background. Just look at my Trini-Jamaican […]

Going to the Oval

I am now in Guyana until Wednesday. My sister and brother-in-law bought cricket tickets a while ago and we’re off to the new Providence Stadium to see West Indies vs Sri Lanka. I didn’t know that this was the match that was scheduled for the 1st. I just chose between the 1st and the 7th. […]