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Of Pilgrimage, Hujaaj and Luggage

  First View of the Kaabah Originally uploaded by Chennette The family returned from the Hajj on the 29th of December 2008. Last year That was on Monday and today is Friday. But we arrived with the usual Hajji cough, cold, flu, allergies, tiredness from 3 days of travel, good cheer from the completion of […]

Celebrating ‘Id ul Fitr, belatedly

This is very late recap of my Eid ul Fitr (almost 10 days late), perhaps appropriately so, since I really think I celebrated Eid a few days after the actual day (which in T&T and Guyana was on Wednesday 1st October 2008). But there are some photos, and some food and some family, so why […]

The Ramadan Business Traveler

I haven’t posted for Ramadan yet, but Lilandra has been more than making up for this – she’s been assiduously recording the Suhrs and Iftars and the general progression of the month in the family home in Trinidad and Tobago, with some forays to our village mosque. Pictures and everything. The course of my Ramadan […]


Such a grand title. What could it possibly mean? It certainly couldn’t refer to the photo, which would be a kinda ridiculous announcement, proclaiming the poui so long after the last blooms fell off the trees…but I love poui anyway and the colour of this one in our backyard is appropriate later on in the […]

Making Grocery

Mom and I made grocery* a couple weeks ago in Trinidad, before I went on a brief vacation to the US (California! the Pacific, whales and redwoods!). It was at a relatively small supermarket near home, but part of a national chain (well, they have 3 or 4) so they’re always well stocked. Of course, […]

Turkey: Getting There

I have been back from Turkey since Tuesday night or so (didn’t get back to Guyana until Wednesday Thursday morning). When I set off on this trek, I knew I’d be blogging about it, despite it being a work trip. After all, I’d never been that far from the Caribbean and the idea of Turkey […]

Diwali in Guyana

There is an annual motorcade in Guyana for Diwali (which is supposed to be held on the darkest night of the year as it is the Festival of Lights for Hindus). This year I understand was the most engineered and lit and it was indeed impressive as the 7 or 8 huge vehicles/floats made their […]

While I wait,

Things I miss from my old flat… I am making Hyderabadi biryani from Nabeela’s recipe at Trial And Error. Of course, by the time I post about this, I won’t be calling it Hyderabadi biryani, since the recipe will have undergone some possibly key modifications, some by choice, others by circumstance…but more about that later! […]

Friday Miscellany

Checking Voter Registration online Did you know there was a website where you could check your voter registration in Trinidad & Tobago? I don’t know who VoteTTnow is, but they say the information is based on the EBC data. It is really cool, because now I know that I am in one constituency, while the […]

Celebrating ‘Id ul Fitr

It’s a bit later than I intended, but given a choice between restfully enjoying Eid at home in Trinidad and using precious hours and the family bandwidth to blog…I chose the celebration But we took pictures, so there would always be time to blog at our leisure. Lilandra beat me to it anyway. Darned work. […]