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Coming this Eid ul Fitr…One Sweet to Rule Them All

Which shall it be? Gulab Jamoon, Sawine, Barfi, Nankathai, Halwa, Maleeda…cake and cookies…ice cream…currants rolls, sweetbread, basboosa, baklava…what are you making? what are you looking forward to enjoying at Muslim homes this Eid? Have a list? Have you bought ingredients, started mixing, setting aside insect-free zones for storage? What’s on your Eid sweet menu this […]

Coconut Sweetbread Recipe

Trini sweetbread is usually a great thing. Coconut, spices and a slightly crumbly texture. Mmm. That’s what it’s about. However, that doesn’t stop people from making hard, dry, flavourless things and calling it sweetbread. I don’t mind if you put raisins, or cherries or mixed peel in it – to each his own. But put […]

‘Id ul Adha, creating traditions

This is my second ‘Id ul Adha in Guyana. At least this year my sister and niece were also here; last year sister the elder was in Trinidad, bearing the niece in her belly. I seem to be creating new traditions for myself, and these will be reflected in the recipes I will be posting […]