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Tastes Like Home is OUT!

  Cynthia, of Tastes Like Home , with the gorgeous photos and delicious foods, has published her Caribbean Cookbook and it is available from Amazon.com from November 30, 2008! it will be released on January 23, 2009! Until then you can order the book from the publishers. Cynthia is a Guyanese, living in Barbados, who writes […]

Trini Halwah Recipe

This is generally regarded as a traditional Muslim dish for the Trini and Guyanese communities of Indian descent. When I came to Guyana, I learned that people traditionally made this for the birth of a child – I found this out when my landlady, not Muslim herself but having grown up in a close village […]

Making Dhal, Trini-style

I’ve been thinking about posting on dhal for a long time now, but Cynthia (of Tastes Like Home) did a dhal post last year, called Dal, Dhal, Dahl together with her column. Since she’s Guyanese, I find it strange that she left out the “Dholl” spelling that so captures the rounded vowel and emphasis of her […]

Click: Guyanese Vermicelli

I had a plan for this NOODLE edition of Click! (the monthy themed food-photography event hosted by Bee and Jai of Jugalbandi), which involved sawine, Trini-style, as depicted here. Of course, I wasn’t planning to use THAT photo which is why I had a plan to take some more artistic photograph of sawine, or vermicelli […]

Diwali in Guyana

There is an annual motorcade in Guyana for Diwali (which is supposed to be held on the darkest night of the year as it is the Festival of Lights for Hindus). This year I understand was the most engineered and lit and it was indeed impressive as the 7 or 8 huge vehicles/floats made their […]

While I wait,

Things I miss from my old flat… I am making Hyderabadi biryani from Nabeela’s recipe at Trial And Error. Of course, by the time I post about this, I won’t be calling it Hyderabadi biryani, since the recipe will have undergone some possibly key modifications, some by choice, others by circumstance…but more about that later! […]

Baigani Recipe

Here again I post another recipe involving baigan (eggplant, aubergine, melongene etc), even though, to be honest, baigan isn’t actually something I love. I don’t think I am unique in this attitude to baigan, my culinary blogger friend Cynthia talked about that in a recent post and column. I love apparently, many recipes using baigan. […]

Some Food From Guyana

While this is not really one of those draft posts awaiting publication, I thought as I was going on vacation out of the region, I could highlight a few dishes I have had recently that are part of my Guyanese foodie experience. I think I have previously delivered somewhat of an ode to my favourite […]

Musings on Roti

A few months ago, on my Making Roti post (where I promised a longer and as yet unrealised musing about roti) Cynthia had asked about the differences if any, in making the dough for the different types of roti. Mom was supposed to answer this, and as she is here, I got her to sit […]

Guyana National Stadium, Providence

I am depressed and I will not post about the match yesterday. I’ll just talk about the stadium. The team doesn’t seem to want this, even though the fans here certainly did. This was the first sellout crowd of the tournament and Providence Stadium was packed with 12,200 people. 12,200 people and I had to […]