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Ramadan Chocolate Cake Recipe

My sister and I have been baking this month. And no, not Lilandra, who is the usual family baker-of-sweet-treats. Sister-the-elder and I in Guyana have been planning every couple days, calling each other at night or during work to discuss what special treat we’re going to make to break fast. So we’ve made aloo pies […]

Eggless Brownies (a recipe in progress)

I wanted brownies today. Seemed the perfect thing to want during the excitement of World Cup. (Not really, I mean, I am enjoying the Group of 16, but it’s more like the “excitement” of trying to wrap up some work stuff that made me want chocolate). I don’t usually bake unless accompanied by a sibling […]

Sunday Lunch Coucou (with a recipe)

I am home* for a couple weeks – vacation, then to vote.** So, taking advantage of being at home with Mom (who did the beef and beans), I present to you our Sunday Lunch today! Cornmeal Coucou, stew beef and red beans! Sunday lunch is a big thing in the Caribbean. It’s the time to […]

Cheese Sticks, revisited

Just thought I’d post about my revisiting my Late Night Cheese Sticks recipe (otherwise known as Cheese Straws). I made them again this weekend and I really liked the way they turned out – although alot of that was not entirely intentional! I used both shredded cheddar and parmesan – the cheddar incorporated into the […]

Trini Bakery Goodies – the Photos

You may recall that in my recent post, Ode to the Bread Van, I rambled on, reminiscing about all the goodies that were to be had from Trini bakeries and bread vans. With nary a picture to illustrate. Especially unfortunate for those who may not have known some of the goodies I mentioned. This post […]

Rose Levy Berenbaum Pizza

I’ve posted about great pizza doughs before – specifically, the best flavoured and textured pizza, which we* have tried – Alton Brown’s pizza recipe. His method requires planning a day in advance to get the full development of flavour, but it gives you a lovely crispy and chewy crust (balance of crispiness and chewiness dependent on […]

Ode to the Bread Van*, and the goodies therein

I tasted something in Guyana last week which brought back childhood memories of Trinidad. It was unexpected – they called it “bun” or “coconut bun” and I cannot remember if I’d seen it before in a bakery in Guyana. I may have, but then “bun” as a small, unprepossessing yellowish thing would have taken me […]

Ratio, by Michael Ruhlman

Lilandra and I finally got around to buying (and reading) some books that have  been in my wishlist..then shopping cart…for aeons. One of them (which she bought for me), is Ratio by Michael Ruhlman. I’ve been following his blog for a while – in addition to being an good read (including the comments), the photos by […]

Za’atar, Sumac and a Recipe

One of the memorable successes of my Eid menu (and yes I am still talking about Eid ul Fitr, although in the intervening period since…there has already been another Eid, Eid ul Adha) is finally making my own za’atar.  Za’atar (zahtar, Arabic ????)* is a Middle Eastern spice mix, that like any other spice “mix” […]

Last minute surge for Divali

Well, a couple days ago my blog stats suddenly spiked. It’s not Eid (Eid ul Fitr was a few weeks ago, and we have some time before Eid ul Adha). As usual, even if I didn’t know, the almost single-minded focus of the searches would clue me in. Yes, it’s Divali, the Hindu Festival of […]