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Hops Bread with Cheese Paste

I have been trying to make my own bread more regularly, because the local bread in Guyana tends to be on the sweet side, and soft, never crusty. My mother’s hops bread recipe (posted here by Lilandra and previously blogged by me) hits the spot always, and uses no oil or shortening, yet is fluffy […]

Coucou Pie (Recipe)

You may recall that coucou has appeared on this blog before. Back then, this traditional Trini (and Bajan) cornmeal dish appeared as part of a Sunday lunch with red beans and stew chicken. Coucou is generally regarded as a bit labour intensive, similar to polenta, requiring one to stir cornmeal into hot liquid etc constantly […]

Ramadan: Lure of the Fried Goodness

Ramadan Mubarak! It‘s always this time of year that I am prompted to post at least once, not surprisingly since the blog is travel and food oriented, and during the Muslim month of fasting, one’s mind tends to turn to food… and also not surprisingly, if one has grown up in Trinidad, fried foods, specifically […]

Tastes of Belize

I am here up late, watching Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives (on Food Network) where Guy Fieri is visiting a Belizean establishment in Chicago. I’ve been to Belize quite a few times but I can’t say I have sampled the whole range of cuisines. Belize is the only English-speaking country in Central America, so while there […]

How do you like your Hops?

So, how do you like your hops? And no, this has nothing to do with beer…you do remember whose blog you’re visiting right? I know I haven’t posted in ages (despite the flurry of activity in January) but still, this is me, Chennette, the island-hopping Muslim, from Trinidad and Tobago! In case you don’t remember […]

Sweets from Curaçao

Originally published on 30 July 2009. Updated – 28 April 2011 to add some new recipe links, where found. For additional information on Curaçao cuisine visit the following pages (found through googling) Curaçaose keuken – kitchens The Sweet and Spicy Sides of Curaçao Kos Dushi Almost 2 years ago, I wrote about my visit to […]

Language Problems

I’ve written before about the language difference and communication issues as a Trini living in Guyana, even though the two countries are so close and share alot of common history. That was a difference of fast food lingo, but today I tried to give instructions over the phone, to essentially make bake. And I don’t […]

Sweet Hands: Island Cooking and a Stew Beef recipe

Sweet Hands: Island Cooking from Trinidad and Tobago has become a new classic for Trini cooking, alongside the old faithful, the Naparima cookbook. It is now in its second edition (first published in 2005, this edition 2010), testament to its popularity. I am not entirely a newcomer to this book – years ago I sent […]

Caribbean Vegan: a GIVEAWAY

COMMENTS TEMPORARILY CLOSED UNTIL I ANNOUNCE THE WINNER LATER TODAY! “Caribbean Vegan: Meat-Free, Egg-Free, Dairy-Free – Authentic Island Cuisine for Every Occasion” If reading food-related blog and websites is part of your regular routine then you should already know by now about veganism and how it differs from vegetarianism. From wikipedia: “Veganism is a philosophy […]

Halaal Trini Black Cake? (recipe)

A few months ago I got a request for a Halaal Trini Black Cake recipe. Those of you familiar with the permutations of the traditional Caribbean Christmas black cake (whether you call it black cake or great cake) will know that this cake is generally viewed as inextricable from its alcohol content. In fact, a […]