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The Hajj

As previously advised, Lilandra and Chennette are performing the Hajj, one of the five obligatory pillars of Islam. We’ll be gone until the end of December, without internet access. So…no blogging I won’t be able to moderate comments during the period, but don’t really want spam running wild on the blog for the month, so […]

Eating from the yard

The global food crisis seems to have only come to global consciousness about a year ago, and particularly in the Caribbean when our leaders convened a special summit on rising food prices late last year. Cost and availability of food has been an issue for far longer than that for many people and too many […]

Celebrating ‘Id ul Fitr, belatedly

This is very late recap of my Eid ul Fitr (almost 10 days late), perhaps appropriately so, since I really think I celebrated Eid a few days after the actual day (which in T&T and Guyana was on Wednesday 1st October 2008). But there are some photos, and some food and some family, so why […]

Cheese Rolls (with other things) Recipe

This is a recipe for something I have made for many many years without a recipe. But tonight I decided to measure the amounts. Yes, tonight is ‘Id ul Fitr. And no, while this is a family favourite, it is not a traditional Eid recipe. But I needed to cook something. To feel like Eid […]

Eid Mubarak!!

It’s officially ‘Id ul Fitr, the end of Ramadan and one of the 2 Eids/celebrations for Muslims. Eid Mubarak everyone! I don’t get home to Trinidad until Friday, and this is my first Eid in Guyana with no family around, but insha Allah tomorrow I meet with friends and others to celebrate and enjoy until […]

The Ramadan Business Traveler

I haven’t posted for Ramadan yet, but Lilandra has been more than making up for this – she’s been assiduously recording the Suhrs and Iftars and the general progression of the month in the family home in Trinidad and Tobago, with some forays to our village mosque. Pictures and everything. The course of my Ramadan […]

Making Pumpkin Pie

Lilandra has created a maelstrom of baking madness at home in Trinidad. It’s hard not to get caught up in it. She’s been baking so much that if anyone touches flour in the kitchen she tries to claim it’s their baking so she can lighten her resume, as it were. Even if she was involved, […]

Hops Bread!!

I made whole wheat hops bread from Mom’s recipe, posted by Lilandra with modifications for whole wheat provided by Mom over the phone. Mom and Lilandra also made up a batch of wholewheat, so I expect Lilandra will has posted the adjusted recipe and her own pictures very soon. Hops is a traditional Trini bread, […]


I have decided that this am trying to decide which shot of Mom’s lentils should will be submitted for this month’s CLICK: Beans n’ Lentils. I greatly appreciate the comments and votes here and on my Flickr, but since I have only a few hours, and Bee herself is rushing me 😉 here it is! […]

Making Grocery

Mom and I made grocery* a couple weeks ago in Trinidad, before I went on a brief vacation to the US (California! the Pacific, whales and redwoods!). It was at a relatively small supermarket near home, but part of a national chain (well, they have 3 or 4) so they’re always well stocked. Of course, […]