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Ramadan musings: I miss coffee

It’s the 5th day of fasting and as I approach the lunch hour, I am not hungry but I do miss having coffee in the office. I spent the first 20 years of my life not liking coffee at all unless it was heavily sugared and milky a la wake-coffee (you know the huge vats […]


The first time I heard of Ting was 5 years ago traveling through the airport in Antigua with Caribbean colleagues. At the time, when one of them asked for it at the airport bar (little counter in the middle of the airport, at the time the only place to get some food) I had no […]

Click: LIQUID COMFORT (Trini Home Chocolate)

I am coming close to missing this deadline of Click. I knew the minute the theme was announced what my Liquid Comfort was going to be. Hot Chocolate. But not just any chocolate, but Trini home chocolate, made from home grown cocoa, mixed with cinnamon, nutmeg and bay leaf. This was a regular weekend morning […]