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Such a grand title. What could it possibly mean? It certainly couldn’t refer to the photo, which would be a kinda ridiculous announcement, proclaiming the poui so long after the last blooms fell off the trees…but I love poui anyway and the colour of this one in our backyard is appropriate later on in the […]


I have decided that this am trying to decide which shot of Mom’s lentils should will be submitted for this month’s CLICK: Beans n’ Lentils. I greatly appreciate the comments and votes here and on my Flickr, but since I have only a few hours, and Bee herself is rushing me 😉 here it is! […]

Pommerac, Pommerac, CLICK CLICK CLICK

It’s been a while since I’ve submitted a photo to Jai and Bee for their monthly food photography event CLICK, but as usual for the few times I have, it’s just on the deadline. Today. The theme for the month of April (which ends today, I know) is Au Naturel! And, my entry…the lovely POMMERAC, […]

Click: LIQUID COMFORT (Trini Home Chocolate)

I am coming close to missing this deadline of Click. I knew the minute the theme was announced what my Liquid Comfort was going to be. Hot Chocolate. But not just any chocolate, but Trini home chocolate, made from home grown cocoa, mixed with cinnamon, nutmeg and bay leaf. This was a regular weekend morning […]

Click: Guyanese Vermicelli

I had a plan for this NOODLE edition of Click! (the monthy themed food-photography event hosted by Bee and Jai of Jugalbandi), which involved sawine, Trini-style, as depicted here. Of course, I wasn’t planning to use THAT photo which is why I had a plan to take some more artistic photograph of sawine, or vermicelli […]

CLICK: The Yolk

CLICK is a new food photography event, started by Bee & Jai of Jugalbandi. It’s theme based, inviting entries every month based on a culinary ingredient or concept. October 2007 is the first month and I am just about making the deadline of October 20! As part of my goal of focusing a bit more […]