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Happy 2008!

Happy New Year to all my readers, friends, commenters and lurkers alike. If I was into making resolutions for the new year, I’d say I will try to make 2008 a somewhat more productive and organised year for my blogging ventures. All those unpublished posts? BAM! Done. New ideas for featuring Caribbean Cuisine – Voila!! […]

My Celebrity Chef Match?

Seriously? Emeril? Who’s Your Celebrity Chef Match? My Result: Emeril Lagasse Bam! When it comes to whipping up something in the kitchen, you’re rarely afraid to kick it up a notch. That’s why your celebrity chef match is Emeril Lagasse, the king of notch-kicking. While some may be a little intimidated by cooking and recipes, […]

He didn’t break free…

Sigh. Poor dog didn’t make it to Trinidad. He still has hope, though. Hope that one day he’ll break free. (Do I sniff dramatically here?) Pearls Before Swine – Don’t Squish the Hat! If ever I were to go on a cruise, I’d go for the ride. I’ve experienced enough travel to destinations with limited […]

Still aiming for Trinidad…

I all prepared to continue posting about Turkey, particularly the food, tonight, but in the meantime, your Pearls update: the guard dog is still heading for that cruise to Trinidad. Pearls Before Swine – Panama Hat Would it really take a chained up dog to dream of holiday-fun in Trinidad? At least he’s happy thinking […]

Cruising to Trinidad

Pearls Before Swine is one of my must-read comic strips. The friendly fierce guard dog is apparently going on a cruise. To Trinidad. I hope not Trinidad, Cuba, then the point of this post and its relevance to my blog may well be obliterated. 😉 Pearls Before Swine – Cruise Just thought I’d share, as […]

We have a nephew!!

As of a few minutes ago I got the call from Lilandra that we have a nephew. After two nieces, we now have a little baby boy in the family. I know no more details and I am headed to work, in Guyana. The baby was born in Trinidad of course. Niece #1 has a […]

Banned in Turkey

Antalya Cat on the Wall I am in Turkey, where wordpress.com (yes, the entire domain) has been banned since August 2007. So I cannot access my blog, canno approve comments, cannot post about what would otherwise be an incredibly exciting trip, the furthest I have ever been. Instead, I am like that cat on the […]

I voted today…

for all the good it did. For all the good it can ever do, putting your faith in this breed of beings called politicians. Sigh. Will there be change? Well, I’ve done my part. My part in this first stage anyway. This should not be the sum total of “political” action by the electorate, but […]

While I wait,

Things I miss from my old flat… I am making Hyderabadi biryani from Nabeela’s recipe at Trial And Error. Of course, by the time I post about this, I won’t be calling it Hyderabadi biryani, since the recipe will have undergone some possibly key modifications, some by choice, others by circumstance…but more about that later! […]

A new niece

I am an Aunty again! My sister in law had a baby girl yesterday morning in Trinidad, who from all accounts looks like her father (my brother) and perhaps also like the little girl who until yesterday was the one and only niece, and the one and only grandchild. But I am sure she won’t […]