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I think this post is mostly filler

One day I’ll get back to posting regularly. Maybe that day will be in Ramadan (the month of fasting) which starts some time next month. After all, it’s a good time to reminisce and also feed all the hungry searchers and googlers looking for iftar foods likealoo pie and baigani, and barfi recipes and what it’s like to […]

Kitchen Tips #1

Reasons to keep the sink absolutely hygenically spotlessly clean while you cook – 1. Because Mom said so.* 2. So that when you spill your pasta in the sink, while cooking with injuries all over both hands, you don’t feel guilty about scooping up the pasta and putting it back in the hot water to […]

Chocolate = Happiness

Originally uploaded by Chennette Even 3 year olds know this. Niece #1: “Mummy, can I get some chocolate” Sister-the-elder: “No, it’s too late. If you’re hungry you can have some bread or some food.” Niece #1: “Mummy I will be happy if you give me chocolate, I am not happy now.” Good thing she never […]


Dear Readers I had things in place for posts this week, starting with a brief report on the CARIFESTA Grand Market and then some things about Ramadan. But I got some bad news Monday about a dear friend in Jamaica. She died completely unexpectedly and I found out on Facebook of all things. Rone was […]

Gavin Gunhold

It’s been a long time, but someone out there has finally, finally found my blog searching for “gavin gunhold”! Welcome oh MacDonald Hall fan, or fan of fictional made-up Canadian poets or general Korman aficionado, from Wisconsin. I think that warrants a gratuitous posting of a poem other than the one that used to be […]

Making Grocery

Mom and I made grocery* a couple weeks ago in Trinidad, before I went on a brief vacation to the US (California! the Pacific, whales and redwoods!). It was at a relatively small supermarket near home, but part of a national chain (well, they have 3 or 4) so they’re always well stocked. Of course, […]

Apples and Oranges, and Apple Crumbles

My favourite quick dessert to make recently has been an apple crumble. I don’t need a recipe and once I have an apple or 2 I have all the ingredients at hand. Peel, core and slice. Mix in nutmeg syrup (or honey) and add liberal amounts of cinnamon and less liberal amounts of clove. A […]

The Haunting of the Solomon Hochoy Highway

I just wrapped up an outstanding work-paper, and started reading the news online. And discovered this article in the Trinidad and Tobago Express, about motorists calling for a warning sign on a particular stretch of highway. When I saw the headline – Motorists lobby for warning sign on highway ‘death stretch’ – and from the South Bureau, […]

For all you know, I may really be a Rock Star!

So, Ewe did this really interesting meme a week or so ago, and she was hilarious. Plus, being you know, really deep, and artistic 😀 She had to be, to have survived 2 bands and a solo career in the music biz. I tried it right away, but since I couldn’t find Paint in the […]

Welcome to the New Me

Well, my new home on the internet, at least. New me? We’ll see. I have a couple real posts to publish this week, about my cooking ventures recently, during my time home (more Alton Brown/Good Eats mandatory recipes) and from my Old Year’s weekend by myself in Guyana. But this is just me checking in, […]