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It’s a New Year!

And I am only 8 days late but Happy New Year! It’s also the beginning of a new decade, did you know? I didn’t realise until I heard some random “Top 40 songs of the decade” countdown. Wow. Was I too burned out from the millenium end/beginning discussions even 10 years later? But nevermind. We’re […]

Caribbean Vegan: a WINNER!

Hello People. We have a winner. Courtesy the lovely List Randomizer at random.org, Natalie, of Cinnamon Bums and the lover of “kabocha squash with a miso-tahini sauce over brown rice” is the lucky winner of a copy of Caribbean Vegan. I’ll be emailing you Natalie to get your mailing info for the publishers, but Congratulations! Everyone […]

And now I’m on Facebook!

So…see that big empty box over there on the sidebar to the right, just scroll down a bit? In my scattered attempts to push this blog into this social media business I have created a Facebook account and page. I need people other than me to like it. Not that I “need” it mind you, […]

Ramadan: A Week of Fasting

I have now completed 6 fasts, and tonight began the 7th day* of Ramadan. For the last couple years, Lilandra has blogged regularly during Ramadan, sharing the family’s meals for Suhr (last meal at dawn before beginning the fast) and Iftar (meal to break the fast) as well as stories of some of the traditions […]

Copyright, Blogging and the Media

This is a post that is long overdue. Very long. Georgia Popplewell of Caribbean Free Radio posted today (with the absolutely perfect title “photos don’t take themselves“) about two Trinidad and Tobago publications using one of her photos, without permission and of course without credit (Newsday even placed their watermark on the photo!). TriniGourmet, with her usual […]

Ode to the Bread Van*, and the goodies therein

I tasted something in Guyana last week which brought back childhood memories of Trinidad. It was unexpected – they called it “bun” or “coconut bun” and I cannot remember if I’d seen it before in a bakery in Guyana. I may have, but then “bun” as a small, unprepossessing yellowish thing would have taken me […]

Chennette Chirps #1

Lifespan of a Chennette has decided to join Twitter. She won’t be tweeting, however, but chirping. Chennette chirps sounds so much cuter, doesn’t it? And if I have to make bird sounds, may as well choose my own vocabulary. On a less frivolous note, I have been thinking about this for a while. Although I […]

Overheard on a Plane

On a flight from Guyana to Trinidad last week, the passenger behind me seems to be in possession of exciting new technology. Pilot: Good afternoon from the flight deck. We are just awaiting air traffic control clearance and should be taxiing off in about 5 minutes, so we are on schedule to arrive on time […]

Farewell Geocities

Back in the day, I had a Geocities page. Two in fact. One under this sobriquet of Chennette* and another using my real name. I think it’s been 10 years since that first website of mine, learning basic basic html and creating my own backgrounds from Paint, learning about jpegs and gifs and obsessing about […]

Ramadan Mubarak! And an Interview

I have just completed the first fast of Ramadan this year. I had my worries about focusing properly on this month, and trying to maximise the benefits so that it’s not just about avoiding food and drink for the day. But apparently having Ramadan starting Friday night is a good thing – I have all […]