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Photo Walking – The Savannah

I recently participated in a photo walk in the vicinity of the Queen’s Park Savannah in Trinidad. For those who may not be familiar with the term, Wikipedia defines it – “Photowalking is the act of walking with a camera for the main purpose of taking pictures of things that the photographer may find interesting.” […]


The first time I heard of Ting was 5 years ago traveling through the airport in Antigua with Caribbean colleagues. At the time, when one of them asked for it at the airport bar (little counter in the middle of the airport, at the time the only place to get some food) I had no […]

Silk Cotton Tree and Jumbies

On a recent visit to the Federation of St Christopher and Nevis (better known as St Kitts and Nevis), we took a whirlwind drive around Nevis, where I was impressed by the gardens, greenery and preservation of the old colonial buildings and plantations. More about that in a later post I hope. We didn’t really […]

Ode to the Bread Van*, and the goodies therein

I tasted something in Guyana last week which brought back childhood memories of Trinidad. It was unexpected – they called it “bun” or “coconut bun” and I cannot remember if I’d seen it before in a bakery in Guyana. I may have, but then “bun” as a small, unprepossessing yellowish thing would have taken me […]

Ten Days…

It’s been an eternity for those trapped in rubble, those who lost their lives and homes and family, those trying to survive among dead bodies, without food, water or shelter and still, terrifyingly waiting for aftershocks. It’s been so hard to watch the coverage and read the news. Self-indulgent of course to react like that […]

Things to do in Grenada

Courtesy this job, I have been to Grenada quite a few times in the last few years. It’s generally just to Grand Anse, and usually not enough to time to do more than the hotel (cue sigh about the supposed glamour of a job-with-travel). Due to the number of visits, however, I do have a […]

Let’s talk BBQ

Whether you like to spell it Barbecue, Barbeque, BBQ, Bar-B-Q or Bar-B-Que, this is apparently the time for dealing with fire and coals and grills. For our more northern neighbours in the hemisphere, it’s because of that season called summer. For us in the tropics, where we don’t get too much variation in our temperatures, […]

Caribbean Cuisine on UKTV

“Celebrity Chef, writer and restaurateur Gary Rhodes recently spent time in Trinidad and Tobago filming segments for a Caribbean cuisine programme. The series will feature cooking and recipes from ten Caribbean countries including Jamaica, Grenada, and Trinidad, Tobago, St Lucia and Barbados and the series will be broadcast on UKTV… …Rhodes and his crew explored […]

Tastes Like Home is OUT!

  Cynthia, of Tastes Like Home , with the gorgeous photos and delicious foods, has published her Caribbean Cookbook and it is available from Amazon.com from November 30, 2008! it will be released on January 23, 2009! Until then you can order the book from the publishers. Cynthia is a Guyanese, living in Barbados, who writes […]

The Ramadan Business Traveler

I haven’t posted for Ramadan yet, but Lilandra has been more than making up for this – she’s been assiduously recording the Suhrs and Iftars and the general progression of the month in the family home in Trinidad and Tobago, with some forays to our village mosque. Pictures and everything. The course of my Ramadan […]