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From Bridgetown

I am still internet-deprived, but Lilandra is visiting so neither of us have updated our blogs. I am at work, so I have an unfair advantage For the past 10 years I have heard much about how nobody every invited her to visit Barbados (never mind she was busy doing A-Levels and getting those As) […]

Life in Barbados…

See what my life has been like? Beaches and sun, relaxation and all-around good times. Like a dream. Well, that’s exactly it – a dream. A vague idea, that this would be the life that it would be nice to have at some point. But I am not actually living it now. Not just yet

Caribbean Airlines, Caribbean Beat

It took me a few weeks, but I finally made it onto an official Caribbean Airlines flight. It wouldn’t usually take me this long, since I did travel some usual routes during the period, but Caribbean Airlines has changed theirs! I am still unclear on the exact new routes, but I do know that Trinis […]