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Caribbean Vegan: a WINNER!

Hello People. We have a winner. Courtesy the lovely List Randomizer at random.org, Natalie, of Cinnamon Bums and the lover of “kabocha squash with a miso-tahini sauce over brown rice” is the lucky winner of a copy of Caribbean Vegan. I’ll be emailing you Natalie to get your mailing info for the publishers, but Congratulations! Everyone […]

Caribbean Vegan: a GIVEAWAY

COMMENTS TEMPORARILY CLOSED UNTIL I ANNOUNCE THE WINNER LATER TODAY! “Caribbean Vegan: Meat-Free, Egg-Free, Dairy-Free – Authentic Island Cuisine for Every Occasion” If reading food-related blog and websites is part of your regular routine then you should already know by now about veganism and how it differs from vegetarianism. From wikipedia: “Veganism is a philosophy […]

Roasted Veggies and Fried Cheese

When Lilandra came to visit a couple weeks ago, I made dinner. It’s always easier and more interesting to cook special meals when someone is there to share. After having received several snide comments about her hoping there’d be food, I decided to try some things I’d wanted to experiment with for a while. The […]

CWC 2007 Final Thoughts

This should be my last cricket post, before I get back to the food. Unless somehow I end up in England for the Windies tour. Contributions of money and pressure on my bosses to give me the appropriate vacation leave will be gratefully accepted. I made it to the Finals! Unexpected, but greatly appreciated. Yay. […]

Asian Palm, Barbados

So far I’ve been reporting on my excellent dining experiences. And why not, right? Share the good stuff. But, lest you think I am not a discerning diner, I have had some disappointing experiences. So let me share one of those. Asian Palm Thai Restaurant, Holetown, St James, Barbados Asian Palm is described as a […]

Sitar, Barbados

Sitar Restaurant, Holetown, St James Holetown is one of those prime tourist areas in Barbados. And there’s a reason for that. In a small area, there are shops and restaurants tightly packed for visitors’ enjoyment. I am sure the shopping is great, but the real reason I like it is the abundance of eating options. […]

Il Tempio, Barbados

Il Tempio, Fitts Village, St James Italian obviously. I have been here twice and I like it. It’s pricey (the ice cream alone while very good, costs about the same as a typical fast food meal) but has a nice atmosphere and usually friendly attentive service. Plus it is ON the beach – what more […]

Brown Sugar, Barbados

I originally intended to do one post with a review of several restaurants that I have visited in the past 2 months, since I don’t have great pictures for some of them. However, that post (in progress) seems to be getting a bit long, so why not separate them? That way when I revisit some […]

Where is it???

Now, I have been more or less enjoying my time in Barbados. I could do with more Barbados and less work, but c’est ma vie. It pays the bills. And was supposed to pay for my brand-new Nikon d80 DSLR. You remember the path Lilandra and I took to get here – the choices, the […]

Champers Restaurant, Barbados

Although I am still not regularly online, I feel like I have been neglecting my blog. So although I don’t have the energy to write anything particularly interesting, at least I can report on where I have been eating With pictures. Champers Restaurant is off the main South Coast Road in Barbados, literally ON Accra […]