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Making Pizza, the Good Eats way

On the few occasions per year that all the siblings are once again under our parents’ roof, there are a few recurring activities in the kitchen. When my brother is returning home, there’s going to be lasagna in the oven and sorrel in the freezer. He’ll make statements about how nobody making brownies – real […]

My Celebrity Chef Match?

Seriously? Emeril? Who’s Your Celebrity Chef Match? My Result: Emeril Lagasse Bam! When it comes to whipping up something in the kitchen, you’re rarely afraid to kick it up a notch. That’s why your celebrity chef match is Emeril Lagasse, the king of notch-kicking. While some may be a little intimidated by cooking and recipes, […]

The Alton Brown Burger

The plan was to blog, ever so briefly about my vacation, or even try to clear some of the backlog of posts I have started. But, you know the enthusiasm comes for the most recent activity. In this case, that’s the making of the Good Eats burger, courtesy my favourite person on the Food Network […]