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Hops Bread with Cheese Paste

Cheese Paste Hops Bread Roll

I have been trying to make my own bread more regularly, because the local bread in Guyana tends to be on the sweet side, and soft, never crusty. My mother’s hops bread recipe (posted here by Lilandra and previously blogged by me) hits the spot always, and uses no oil or shortening, yet is fluffy and crusty if done right. Today’s hops bread is mostly white, with a couple cups of a light multi-grain flour, and 1 cup of whole wheat flour (Mom’s whole wheat hops recipe uses 5 cups white, 3 cups whole wheat). And topped with sesame seeds. Always great when you’re toasting your bread the next day.

Hops Bread with Sesame Seeds Cheese Paste Hops Bread Roll

It has been cool and rainy for the last week in Guyana and today, instead of the usual humidity in the 90% range, it was all the way down to 83% (people in deserts don’t judge…this is life in the tropics, especially on the South American continent near rainforests). So the dough required a bit more water than it did just 2 weeks ago, and I had to leave it extra long for the risings (generally in the tropics yeast dough can double in size in 20 minutes, but not today). So I had time to finally execute a long-time idea – putting cheese paste INSIDE the hops bread before it bakes!! Now, you know I like all things with bread and cheese – so many variations on this blog (cheese rolls, pizza cheese rolls, cheese sticks etc) – this was long overdue.

Cheese paste roll Melted cheese paste

So creamy, garlicky mustardy cheese paste with bits of carrot and pimento pepper made, I pasted it inside flattened hops dough and rolled it up. Some long, some round, most uneven and clearly not sealed properly 😉 If I ever When I do this again, I’ll use a better technique and take photos. Also, cheese paste to stuff inside bread does not need to have the same amount of butter/margarine that cheese paste to spread on bread needs. But a little extra buttery flavour can’t really hurt! And ooohh, look how the cheese paste melted when spread onto a hot hot piece of bread!

There is something like this in Guyana – a cheese flap, which is a soft bread dough folded around cheese (or butter in the case of a butter flap). But this is the hops bread texture, so not quite the same. Plus mustard and garlic level is always higher on our family cheese pate.

And on another note, I need to start baking bread earlier in the day to get better light. But the weather affected my schedule…that’s my story.

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