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It’s Ramadan!

I know. It’s been almost a year since I last posted. Since Eid ul Fitr, at the END of the last Ramadan. And here we are, again at Ramadan. I am not sure at this point I have any of my regular readers still :-) but welcome to you if you are here. If you are new…please feel free to browse the archives, there are still many recipes and posts that might be interesting for Ramadan, or generally to interest Caribbean foodies and travelers.Chennette has been mostly offline for almost a year…not even posting photos to Flickr! Longest break ever since I started this whole online life. I blame it on my day job. There were many developments and I suppose I needed a break to assess how to allocate my time, deal with the blog etc. Not to mention the wonkiness of my previously-trusty D80. I am now in possession of a Nikon D7000, but I am still learning the new controls…especially VIDEO!


Now, I don’t promise that this is a re-opening of the blog, but it’s Ramadan, and given my particular voice in the ever-growing field of Trini food-bloggers, I wanted to post during this month. The traditions and practices of this month of fasting, leading up to one of the 2 official celebrations in the Muslim calendar, are an important part of my life and history, and a part of the Trini culture that isn’t as well known.So, this isn’t quite the daily posting of Ramadan that Lilandra did some time ago but here goes :-)


Kachorie - insidesDay 1 (the days really begin at sunset) – the first night of Ramadan was a Friday, which was great! I excused myself from a meeting in time to get home to prepare for the first tarawih prayers, soak some split peas for kachourie, and got to bed a reasonable hour. I had cereal (Nestle Gold) and rice milk for Suhr and lots of water. Slept late (usual for me after a long week) but managed to get up, make grocery, come back and make a pastry for quiche, grind the kachourie mixture and saute mushrooms and onions. I was mixing the quiche custard when sister-the-elder and 2 of her 4 progeny arrived. Made 2 regular msuroom-onion-broccoli quiches and 6 mini-cheese quiches (for the little vegetable-haters). Fried kachourie with tamarind chutney to break fast and the quiche for dinner. Hot Trini creole chocolate for later.


Day 2 – quiche for Suhr. Tired from the burst of activity the day before. Household chorse. Quiche and kachourie for Iftar.


Day 3 – Water and dates for Suhr. First day at the office fasting. Coffee-withdrawal leading to headache. Didn’t make it to sister-the-elder’s spaghetti dinner. Sugar and caffeine fix in the form of Coke.


Day 4 – Water for Suhr. At work, so no coffee-withdrawals yet.


Next on my list – TAKE PHOTOS!!

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  1. Welcome back to you too, I see we took a break about the same length of time:-) Totally jealous of your new camera. Expect to see lots of lovely photos.

    1. Wizzy on August 4th, 2012 at 4:07 pm
  2. Took a chance to visit your blog, and very pleased to welcome you back AND wish you a happy Ramadan! :-)

    2. Tamarind Ball on August 6th, 2012 at 8:43 am

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