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It’s a New Year!

Scarlet Ibises

And I am only 8 days late :-) but Happy New Year! It’s also the beginning of a new decade, did you know? I didn’t realise until I heard some random “Top 40 songs of the decade” countdown. Wow. Was I too burned out from the millenium end/beginning discussions even 10 years later? But nevermind. We’re in 2011, and next year we’ll be riding the icebergs and continents to new destinations, as long as the Chinese finish that big secret construction project. It’s TRUE. I saw it in a movie. It MUST be true.

White IbisesSpeaking of birds…those Scarlet Ibises above were taken at the Caroni Swamp/Bird Sanctuary last month. And those are white ibises on the right. More on that anon.

Last year started with one of the great tragedies of the region, the earthquake in Haiti. And unfortunately for Haitians, the year brought them hurricanes, cholera and suspect elections. There are still many ways that our Caribbean brethren need help (just perhaps not through Wyclef’s Yele…if the news reports are anything to go by…) but we can hope that 2011 sees some positive developments. Hurricanes also hit closer neighbours like St Lucia, Barbados…and the related controversy involving the new Government elected in T&T in 2010 is one I am not going into here…

Northern RangePersonally, I started 2010 on the seawall in Guyana after some long-overdue touristing around Guyana and then jetted off to Trinidad for some family time. This year was a bit reversed – in December I had some long-awaited touristing around Trinidad (photos and story coming), driving friends from foreign around to La Vega Estate, Caroni Swamp, Asa Wright Nature Reserve, Mount St Benedict and other parts of the island. And then I brought in the New Year at home in Trinidad, before jetting back to Guyana to start the working year.

One of the great things of 2010 for me personally  was the opportunity I had to (re)connect and spend time with actual people, even some new people. I joined Twitter and Facebook as Chennette, embracing this social media thingy, just a little…I am still finding my way there. In July, I bravely went on a Photo Walk in the Queen’s Park Savannah, and I hope I can meetup with other Trini photo-enthusiasts and photographers for another such event. Maybe even one in Guyana…

La Vega HutsI posted at least once every month in 2010 and let’s see if I can make it to twice every month this year :-) My readership is certainly loyal despite my erratic schedule – I had to upgrade my bandwidth in October

As a gesture of my good intentions, sprinkled through this post have been some photos from La Vega Estate in Gran Couva, Trinidad and the Caroni Swamp… more are on Flickr here and here…but I am going to post very soon on my visits to some of my favourite places in my homeland. It made me miss T&T more, but at least I am close by.

Have a good year people!

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  1. Great Pics! Glad you’re back :-)

    1. ~Melissa on January 8th, 2011 at 12:58 pm
  2. Aw.. Happy New Year Chennette! :-)

    3. Tamarind Ball on January 10th, 2011 at 1:18 pm
  3. Hey TB :-) Happy New Year!
    I should have added…I was instructed to post by a certain sweet and savoury delicacy…

    4. Chennette on January 10th, 2011 at 4:57 pm

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