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And now I’m on Facebook!

So…see that big empty box over there on the sidebar to the right, just scroll down a bit? In my scattered attempts to push this blog into this social media business I have created a Facebook account and page. I need people other than me to like it. Not that I “need” it mind you, but now that I have gone ahead and created the page, that box is kinda bare.

What do I expect from this Facebook page? Not much really. I just realise that many people are more active on Facebook in terms of catching up on their information, “liking” pages and people (hint hint) and generally entering into discussions. Now, I AM on Facebook as the real not-Chennette me but I stick to people I actually know in real life. No offence meant to anyone else.

I realise from finally checking the stats via my hosting people that I may have more people reading this blog than I thought. And I know that people are always searching for things and because they don’t comment, I can’t help them out by telling them things like “Married man’s pork is NOT in fact the same as shadow benny”. Because people need to know these things. But maybe with a Facebook page I can offer such sage advice to the desperate. If they choose to like or follow me of course. Or, for those who don’t tweet, I can provide links to some of the things I find or notice that add to the online awareness of Trini and Caribbean food and other such things.

I am not big on promoting this blog other than providing the content. And linking to things. So…who knows how this will work! If you see the Facebook box disappear in the near future and I say nothing about it…just leave me be 😀

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  1. Well……..

    1. trinimom on September 13th, 2010 at 6:30 am
  2. I’m also on FB – as that author person, not the real me. :) I’ll go add you across there.

    Re the Twitter: I’m a holdout so you won’t see me there.

    2. Liane on September 13th, 2010 at 3:11 pm
  3. I started on twitter a few weeks ago, and then dropped out again. It looks like good stuff if you’ve got something to sell, but just a time sucker otherwise. Facebook, sigh! I had a fan page for my blog. Deleted it. I guess I’m just not that facebook-friendly. Plus, I realised I got way more spam on the blog after putting up the facebook page. Maybe a coincidence.

    I’ll like you! WordPress is really good at anti-spam anyway.

    3. Nan on September 14th, 2010 at 4:57 am

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