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Dear Readers

I had things in place for posts this week, starting with a brief report on the CARIFESTA Grand Market and then some things about Ramadan. But I got some bad news Monday about a dear friend in Jamaica. She died completely unexpectedly and I found out on Facebook of all things. Rone was one of my few real life friends who knew about my blog, visiting and commenting regularly. We only saw each other if I was in Jamaica for work, but she made sure she came to the hotel. And we’d always chat online, even if briefly or while playing word games on Facebook. I have found it a bit difficult to digest this, even 6 days later, and not much enthusiasm for being online. She would have made sure to be in touch during Ramadan so she could remind me that she was missing gulab jamoon up in Jamaica, so this doesn’t make it better. She was my friend for 11 years, even though we only spent 4 months in the same place once upon a time in Barbados. She’d been to my house, knew my family, had a knack for keeping up to date with whatever was going on with me…all the things you need in a friend.

I’ll be back posting soon insha Allah (sigh…and there’s another memory, since she wasn’t Muslim, but liked our greetings, and especially saying insha Allah, and made sure I taught them to her). In the meantime, Lilandra’s doing a pretty good job chronicling her Ramadan. And I am sure she’ll finish it this year, since I have no intentions of interrupting the month with typhoid fever, like the last time she tried this.

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