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In the 2 years since I started Lifespan of a Chennette (my 2nd anniversary was on July 8th!), I have encountered only a few Caribbean food blogs, but many more over the last few months. I hope there are going to be even more in the future, so that “Caribbean” food on the internet won’t just be people chucking pineapple or mango into everything, but a true reflection of what Caribbean people eat, and our varied history as reflected in our traditional foods. So, I thought I would list the Caribbean food blogs I know, in the hopes that if there are others people tell me :-). I think I’ll probably make a permanent page soon with this information. I am listing by country, and I know you’ll understand if I start with Trinidad and Tobago :-) As it turns out, the majority of blogs that I have found out there are by Trinis, or linked to T&T. But that may be because I haven’t found any others?


The Trini Gourmet
Sarina’s blog was about the first I encountered when I started this enterprise, and her site was so snazzy and professional, I assumed she had been doing this for a good long time. Imagine my surprise when I realised she didn’t start that much earlier than I :-) she’s just better at these grand undertakings! At the Trini Gourmet, you’ll find recipes both original and tested, lots of information on cooking essentials for the Trini/Jamaican and kosher kitchen, recommendations for books and gifts…it’s all there. We’ve even started a annual (2 years so far) tradition of visiting the Taste T&T together :-) and increasing the posse every time we hope.

…is my sister, and although she resists being described as a food blog (well, she IS a person, not a blog…) she has blogged many of her forays into cooking, whether it’s handmade chocolate truffles, trini macaroni pie, hops bread or lemon meringue pie and she has access to the same source for traditional Trini fare – our mother. And she’s my company (dare I say sidekick) when we go explore food in T&T, including at the Taste.

TriniFood is a trini journalist in London, who has a passion for food and food-writing. Her interest has no boundaries, delving into books, and markets, trying out the traditional with no fear of using new techniques to adapt the old. You get reviews, recipes, deep thoughts and always something interesting.

The Caribbean Garden
Nicole was the first person I know in real life who came across this blog entirely on her own and figured out who I was. Of course, there may be others, but they haven’t let me know, so I can pretend to be secure in my anonymity 😀 She’s passionate about food and gardens, growing food and landscaping and travel! If people think I travel a lot…wait till you see her pictures of Laos! And yes, I count it as a food blog, because she posts her recipes 😀

Simply Trini Cooking
A relatively new blogger, but prolific and regular. Traditional recipes for coocoo, stew chicken, curry cascadoo…lots and lots and he posts regularly, with step by step pictures. There’s also a glossary of useful cooking terms (emphasis on the Trini terms) and a Trini dictionary to help you navigate through our food talk.

All Tings Trini
Jevon is of Trini descent, living in the US and interested in food. He’s had chef training, and although he’s not a regular blogger, he has posted about Trini favourites including a pictorial recipe for sorrel.

So Epicurious it Hurts
Marsha is a Trini living in the US and she posts about food and places she’s eaten and her cooking, including of course some traditional Trini foods.

Mark Ruins Dinner
Mark is from the US, married to a Trini (Karen’s blog is here). I sorted him into the Trini category because I believe I first encountered his blog when he was proclaiming his #1 search status in March 2007 for “how to make Trinidad food” :-) possibly due in large part to his post on making doubles, called “Two doubles, slight pepper”. Despite the name of his blog (and the latest post) he makes quite good dinners, and lunches and possibly breakfasts and desserts, with great pictures of the attempts and successes both. And of his helpers, the ever increasing tribe of boys.

Caribbean Recipes
This is in the T&T category because of the actual blogger name (trinidadrecipes) as well as his current base in Trinidad. He’s a Brit, married to a Trini I believe, and having lived and worked in Trinidad (and parts of the Caribbean) for some time, has posted about food and cooking. I only discovered this blog this week, but he’s only been blogging about Trini and Caribbean food since March.


Tastes Like Home
Cynthia is a food writer and photographer, who has a cookbook in the works! She posts every Saturday (oh for that discipline!) along with her column in the Stabroek News of Guyana. She’s Guyanese, living in Barbados who writes about her favourite traditional foods, intrinsically linked to her memories of home and family, as well as the new things she learns and tries out – like making paneer! :-) Her adoring fans are many, and every post provides such gorgeous pictures. I can’t wait for the book!


Rice and Beans: A Belizean in DC
The title tells you part of what you need to know – Lyra is from Belize and lives in DC. She’s a great advocate for eating local, seasonal and organic produce, and healthy and her blog is delicious.


Gourmet Global
A chef and entrepreneur in New York City, claiming several Caribbean heritages, but I believe primarily from Dominica. She reviews restaurants, provides recipes, and even blogged about her travels back to the homeland.


Spice Isle Food for Thought
Kimberly started blogging in February, with traditional recipes from Grenada. As she reminds us (me) on her blog, there are so many similarities in Caribbean foods, and particularly between T&T and Grenada, because we both received Indian indentured labourers and therefore the foods! 



There are two publications, one available online and one with a blog that should be part of the online Caribbean food experience:

Caribbean Beat
This is the inflight magazine of Caribbean Airlines (formerly BWIA) and in addition to showcasing major tourist events and attractions, and the people of the region, always has a good food article, sometimes even by TriniFood :-) The issues and archives are available online, complete with any recipes featured. And as I have said before, this is one of my favourite magazines so disregard any preconceived notions you may have about infight publications. And no, that’s not just because my blog was once featured 😉

MACO Caribbean
Toute Bagai publishes several Caribbean lifestyle magazines, highlighting Caribbean destinations and events, and of course sometimes, food :-D. Their website has recipes and plans to review restaurants in addition to providing information and reports on various food festivals around the region. MACO is also going to issue later this year a magazine on Food & Rum. 


As I said, I don’t believe this is the complete list, so I am open to your contributions – any Caribbean blogs out there that I should know about? I know there are some recipe sites, and I hope to link to those, but in a another post/page.

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  1. well once upon a time i wasn’t a food blog
    now i have a ciabatta post waiting for uploaded pictures…
    don’t know if i’ve ever actually denied being a food blog except when i wasn’t for sure

    1. Lilandra on July 17th, 2008 at 12:31 am
  2. That’s a fair number of food blogs from the region. :-)

    And I have noticed that your ‘sidekick’ (heh heh) has been blogging quite a bit about food lately. 😉

    2. ewe_are_here on July 17th, 2008 at 6:39 am
  3. Congratulations on 2 years of fine blogging :)

    I never knew there we so many Trini/West Indian food blogs. I will be checking out those I never knew about before. Some I have might have actually know before but failed to bookmark.

    3. aka_lol on July 17th, 2008 at 8:48 am
  4. Great list, and thanks for the mention. This is actually a great list to surf through so we’ll check them out, and refer them to our blog readers.

    4. MACO Magazines on July 17th, 2008 at 3:18 pm
  5. Happy second blogversary Chennette and thanks for the list. I already link to some of these and will look at the others.

    5. Trig on July 18th, 2008 at 11:47 am
  6. Oh please make this post a link in your sidebar. I too am excited to discover other Caribbean food blogs and thanks for the mention!

    6. Cynthia on July 22nd, 2008 at 11:27 pm
  7. Thought about you when I saw a copy of this http://www.muslimgirlworld.com/mgmag/index.cfm

    7. isme on July 23rd, 2008 at 2:25 pm
  8. Thanks for the props chennette :) Keep up the good work and happy blogversary.

    8. Raz4125 on July 23rd, 2008 at 8:22 pm
  9. Cynthia, it shall be a permanent page, linked in the top Menu bar, give me a couple days 😀

    Thanks for that link Isme, cool magazine

    and thanks everyone for the blogversary wishes!

    9. Chennette on July 24th, 2008 at 1:41 am
  10. Wow, I’m soo late…lol. I was just on my technorati and saw that I was given ‘authority’ from this post. Thanks soo much Chennette. I really, really appreciate it. I had no idea there were soo many other Caribbean blogs out there. I spent soo much time searching and never even came across most of these. Happy Blogiversary. You have a great blog; one of my favorites, to be very honest. So keep it up! I always enjoy your posts. I’ve really been slacking off on the blog scene lately… I ‘reverted’ to Islam, so a lot’s been going on (learning how to do salat, getting hijabs, my first ramadan, etc). Fortunately, my big sister reverted 4 yrs ago, so at least I have one supportive relative. My dad’s side of the family used to be muslim but like many Indo-Grenadians, converted to Christianity and changed thier sirnames (Yousef to Joseph, Beggs to Alexander, Ibrahim to Abraham, etc) back in the day due to oppression. Example; the shia’s Hosay celebrations were always broken up by the police, until eventually they just stopped celebrating it… I read a lot of the slaves were muslim as well…hmmm. And for the hindus, they had problems celebrating diwali, etc as well. Anyway, I will be in Grenada next month, inshAllah :), and I plan to post up a storm…and eat Oil Down…so I’m definitely looking forward to that. Well, I guess thats enough rambling for one comment lol. Once again happy belated blogiversary, Chennette. Hope you see many more. :)

    12. Spicequeen on October 7th, 2008 at 1:17 pm
  11. assalamu ‘alaikum and Eid Mubarak!
    thanks for your nice comments, and hope the Ramadan was a good time for you and your sister, in learning together :-) And that you had a good Eid!

    13. Chennette on October 8th, 2008 at 11:59 pm

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