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Diwali in Guyana

There is an annual motorcade in Guyana for Diwali (which is supposed to be held on the darkest night of the year as it is the Festival of Lights for Hindus).

This year I understand was the most engineered and lit and it was indeed impressive as the 7 or 8 huge vehicles/floats made their way through the streets of Georgetown. I got a good view without having to leave home as the motorcade passed along the seawall alongside the Atlantic Ocean. Throngs of people lined the walls on both sides of the road to see the motorcade, which were complete with singers and music on board.

This happened the night before Divali (the spelling usually used in T&T although it’s pronounced the same way), and they got relatively good weather for it. The actualy night of Divali was rainy and I didn’t hear as much bambooo bussing and fireworks as I am used to in my village in Trinidad. And no one passed by to drop off goodies. Sigh. The Indian neighbour next door was pressuring something all afternoon, but maybe he’s not Hindu. He certainly didn’t knock on my door to give me sweets.

Last year I was home in T&T recovering from the typhoid fever and was home alone to collect everything. A night when I actually like hearing the doorbell ring 😀

Guyana - Diwali Motorcade 2 Guyana - Diwali Motorcade 3 Guyana - Diwali Motorcade 1

I have a couple food posts (kachourie and sawine) left over from Ramadan that will make their way here sometime today. I have 7 hours in the airport in Barbados to fill. Why am I waiting 7 hours in the Grantley Adams airport? Why, I am headed to Turkey! Yes, further than I have ever been, on the Mediterranean coast of Turkey I shall be, for the next 8 days (well after I get there sometime tomorrow night). i am so excited. I am thinking of the new foods, and turkish coffee and markets and shopping and oh, the delights! Just wait, I’ll share. Pictures and stories anyway 😉

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  1. Do enjoy your trip, even though it is work related….

    Love Auntie Fa

    1. fatima on November 11th, 2007 at 12:54 pm
  2. No body brought you goodies?! Not good enough :) Have a productive trip. Can’t wait for your posts about the food finds from Trukey.

    2. Cynthia on November 11th, 2007 at 8:19 pm
  3. Ah, the typhoid fever, I remember that episode. Weren’t you quarantined or something? By the way I got no sweets for Divali either.

    3. Mani on November 12th, 2007 at 6:31 pm

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