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What I did on my Vacation

Spending Time in Barbados Airport LoungeBy Chennette.

I know I have already started posting post-vacation fare, but I meant to briefly blog about my recently-concluded much-needed and long-awaited holiday. And it may not be all food-related, but I want to post about it. I think I have come back from this vacation really refreshed and organised somewhat in my head. It shows in the office. It shows in my mind (except I can’t really show you that…just take my word for it). Most of all it shows at home in my flat in Guyana, where I have finally uncovered the dining table. And the living room chairs. And have been cooking something almost every day. Since my return from Barbados that has not happened. At all. (Except for those biscuits/scones I made when Lilandra visited. And those had their own story.) I think this feeling justifies my extension of a 19 day vacation into the almost 5 weeks I dragged out of the boss (see how good I am at my job? I can negotiate. I only had to attend one 2-day meeting. In Trinidad!). And so I think this period is well worth posting about – and not to gloat at anyone who is thinking “FIVE WEEKS??!!?” I haven’t had a break since last May. Typhoid Fever does not count!

And so I shall tell the great masses (or the few who are still reading) what Chennette did on her vacation :-)

I visited 4 cities in the UK and I think it may be more organised to separate the posts by city. They’ll be too long and involved otherwise and I’ll lose the few regular readers I may have, who will suddenly get flashbacks to being held hostage by some distant relative to look at blurry and headless vacation photos, or worse yet, hearing stories of “I went here” without pictures… The Horror.

I do promise that there will be at least be a restaurant review or other food related item in each of the posts. After all, I am me. And food is important. Cooking is important. Most of my friendships (the ones that last) have had food as an important element of cementing the relationship. And a big part of this vacation was the friendships. And the family.

My holiday was to the UK, specifically to Edinburgh, London (with a dash over to Cambridge) and Glasgow. I walked alot (remember my still healing ankle from Belgium? sigh), saw art and city sights, played games and had good food. The main point of my vacation though, was to spend time with friends who live too far away. Too. Far. Fortunately, I was able to take this trip. I even learned to love, just a little, the British rail transportation system. Although it can be terribly expensive when you make last minute plans (and the rains in July? Floods and station-closures), I managed to find my way to all these places, even using the tube on my own, with relative ease.

For those friends I didn’t see on this trip I know it’ll happen soon. I live on planes, remember? And those I did see – I apologise sincerely and from the bottom of my heart for any suitcases you had to lug around and up stairs and through train stations and subways. I promise your quiet suffering shall be foremost on my mind when next I pack. You probably wouldn’t believe me if I told you how light I pack for work trips. But it’s true. I swear. But thank you. Thank you.

I ended the vacation with a week at home in Trinidad and Tobago with the family. All the siblings under one roof, together with the Niece and Sole Grandchild, a sister in law and 2 unborn nieces/nephews/grandchildren. And of course the parents. They were very good about not letting out their inner screams of “LEAVE LEAVE WHY ARE YOU ALL HERE???” Mostly we ran after the 19-month old. But we managed to play one game of Settlers. And make the Good Eats burger. And relax. And eat Mom’s food. 😀

And I don’t even mind that I have been here in Guyana since last week and the rest of them are still at home.

And that picture? It’s where I spent quite a few hours waiting in Barbados after the flight from the UK, for delayed flight into Trinidad. New airlines executive lounge. Fancy. And comfortable.

Edinburgh, a visit home

Down South to England, Part I (London)

Down South to England, Part II (Cambridge)

Glasgow, “Scotland with Style”

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  1. Finally…I am trying to catch up on your blog…*sigh*

    I’m laughing inside tho…

    1. Lilandra on August 27th, 2007 at 2:28 am
  2. Heh. Wondered whether you would have needed comment moderation by the time you got back on a computer!

    2. chennette on August 27th, 2007 at 5:19 am
  3. GRRR

    3. Lilandra on August 28th, 2007 at 2:04 am

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